British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association

New AHDB guides will help processors better market their products

The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has just published three guidebooks to help meat processors, manufacturers and retailers better market their products using approved and tested nutrition messages.

AHDB has worked with trading standards officials to develop over 70 key messages about the nutritional benefits of beef, lamb and pork in a balanced diet.

Each guide contains a wealth of insights into consumer attitudes and misconceptions about eating meat. They give clear, easy to implement advice on exactly what health claims can be made and what information resonates most strongly with different types of consumers. They also contain guidance on how this information can be incorporated into labeling, advertising and websites as well as promotional and marketing materials. You can view the guides here

The guides easy to implement advice on exactly what health claims can be made and what information resonates most strongly with different types of consumers.

Laura Ryan, AHDB Strategy Director for Beef & Lamb, said: “Our own market research shows that health is becoming a more prominent driver for consumers when purchasing food, but the consumption of beef, lamb and pork, as part of a healthy balanced diet, is often challenged and undermined by negative misconceptions.

“With the release of the guides the AHDB aims to demonstrate how red meat can be accurately promoted to consumers, using scientifically substantiated nutrition and health claims, expressed in a clear, consumer-friendly language.”

Laura added: “Certain immediately recognisable nutritional messaging resonates more with some groups than others, so it is likely that the selection of the claims used may be influenced by the target audience of a particular promotional campaign. For example, older people were found to be more interested in eyesight, bone health and mental function. Those with children were more interested in bone health, protein and immunity support.”

The work is part of AHDB’s strategy to positively influence and modify consumer understanding and behaviour towards beef, lamb and pork in a healthy and balanced diet.

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