British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association

Benefits of joining

BMPA works closely with buyers, consumer groups and legislators to understand what the market wants from producers. The Pork Scheme puts that into a practical standard that’s accepted by all major buyers.

Because this is the most widely accepted standard, members of the BMPA Pork Scheme can sell their products to the largest number of customers without the need for different requirements. Membership also opens up more opportunities to sell to businesses that only buy assured products.

Beyond the opportunity to sell into a bigger market, companies that adhere to the Scheme Rules find that their businesses also benefit from increased efficiency. Staying compliant often means staying competitive. Members also report the added bonus that they’re subject to less Government scrutiny because they go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements.

Overview of member benefits

  • Access to a bigger market for your products
  • Achieve higher prices for your assured products
  • Less Government red tape
  • Keep your business efficient and competitive
  • Build a stronger, more trusted brand

Find out how your business can become part of the BMPA Pork Scheme here.

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