British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association

How the Swiss model balances principles with self-interest

In his latest article BMPA’s Trade Policy Adviser, Peter Hardwick explores how the so-called ‘Swiss model’ of trade with the EU manages to forge a relationship that brings most of the benefits of EU membership without many of the down sides. He explains how Switzerland has taken a much more pragmatic path to their trade agreement. It follows EU rules (and autonomously adapts to changes when they happen) without being legally bound to do so.

Peter contends that “the principal flaw with Brexit as it stands isn’t necessarily Brexit itself but how it is being pursued and what is driving it” and urges Government to “take another look at this and act in the interests of the UK rather than to meet the aspirations of those driven by dogma”. He concludes with an insightful observation from his wife: “Ah the Swiss. They join nothing and get everything.”

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