20, Jan 2023

The Swiss model: how to join nothing but get everything

Leaving the EU customs union and the single market was ...

candidate search on laptop

28, Sep 2021

Labour shortage threatens to cancel out any Brexit dividend

While remaining in a customs and regulatory union with our ...

Three wise monkeys

08, Apr 2021

The government can avoid talking about Brexit but the numbers don’t lie

The first 100 days of 2021 have brought to the ...

Union Jack held together with sticking plasters

23, Feb 2021

A thin deal with the EU will not cover the cracks

Let’s start with the positives. We have a trade deal ...

The Brexit trade tangle

22, Dec 2020

Time has run out for a comprehensive free trade agreement

Whatever I may personally think about the Brexit project, and ...

Reading the small print in a contract

19, Oct 2020

It pays to read the small print

Talks of deals and no deals rumble on and the ...

Meal dropped on the kitchen floor

16, Sep 2020

Warning: This ‘oven ready’ deal contains traces of fiasco

Those of you who have been following my column will ...

Lorries queuing on the motorway

25, Aug 2020

Stark reality of increased trade friction is emerging

I have made the point on numerous occasions that the ...

Rock climber ready to start climbing

25, Aug 2020

Is the UK Brexit ready?

The mood music from Brussels is not encouraging and it ...

A balanced diet of meat and vegetables

20, Aug 2020

Tariffs should not be used to control imported food standards

Two men are chatting in a bar, some time ago ...

Brexit red tape

20, May 2020

We can mitigate post-Brexit trade friction if we act now

With the negotiating positions of the UK and EU so ...

farming couple

19, May 2020

Does the UK really need a farming industry?

Leaked emails to the Chancellor from senior Government adviser Dr ...