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British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association
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BMPA Pork Scheme

The BMPA Pork Scheme is now the Quality Pork Charter and it also has a new dedicated website. 

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About the Quality Pork Charter

The Charter rules are now available in a fully searchable knowledge base and members can also download module checklist templates to assist with pre audit site checks.

The BMPA Quality Pork Charter provides quality assurance to retailers and consumers about pig welfare, food safety, integrity, provenance and traceability of the products that members produce.

The Charter is the standard that sits behind the widely recognised and trusted Red Tractor consumer logo for pork and pork products. And, for many of the UK’s top retailers and food service companies, our standard is the one they insist on from their pork products suppliers.

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About the Modules

The Charter Modules form the backbone of our internationally recognised standard. In order to qualify for membership of the Scheme, all members must be certified in the core standards plus any individual modules that apply to the products they produce.

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BMPA works closely with buyers, consumer groups and legislators to understand what the market wants from producers. The Quality Pork Charter puts that into a practical standard that’s accepted by all major buyers.

Because this is the most widely accepted standard, members of the BMPA Pork Scheme can sell their products to the largest number of customers without the need for different requirements. Membership also opens up more opportunities to sell to businesses that only buy assured products.

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