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British Meat Processors Association
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BMPA report says Defra’s pork supply chain consultation needs to look wider

BMPA’s members sit at the centre of the British meat processing industry. Most meat sold in the UK passes through one of their plants at some point. So, they have a unique persepctive on the complexities and commercial forces that go to make up the pork supply chain.

Defra’s consultation into contractual practices in the pig sector looks at one small part of this vast supply chain. It will not give them the ‘big picture’ they’ll need in order to make legislation changes. In fact, there’s the danger they could precipitate some unintended consequences for the very group they’re trying to help.

Nick Allen, CEO of The British Meat Processors Association explains what BMPA is urging Defra to do: “We have a unique perspective on how the market operates and can speak with some authority on the various forces and commercial influences that shape the pork market.

“We think this warrants a more comprehensive treatment than the current consultation allows for, so we are asking Defra to consult with us separately and in more detail so we can help build the complete picture that will allow them to make fully informed decisions.”

BMPA has published a report outlining our concerns and illustrating just how complicated the pork supply chain is. We’re also sending a copy to the new Defra Ministers.

Nick Allen will appear in an interview on this week’s Countryfile programme airing on 25 September at 6pm.

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The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) is the leading trade association for the meat and meat products industry in the UK.


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