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Government salutes the ‘hidden heroes’ of the food industry

We have received a letter today from The Rt Hon. George Eustice, MP delivering a heart-felt message to everyone who works in the British food supply chain.

He praises the enormous effort you have all been putting in to maintain the critical supply of food to people around the country saying “Everyone working in the food and drink industry has rallied in an extraordinary way to respond to this unprecedented challenge. Having worked in the food industry myself, I am personally enormously proud and thankful for all the work that you have done in recent weeks, and will be asked to do in the weeks ahead. In many cases you are the hidden heroes, and the country is grateful for all that you have done.”

Letter from George Eustice MP

At BMPA, we know the huge issues you are all facing and the challenges to both individuals and to businesses that this crisis is presenting. We are talking to food businesses every day and working with you and with other parts of the food supply chain to address the unintended and often serious consequences of such large scale disruption to how we all work.

But, today, we’d like to join George Eustice in praising your efforts so far and assure you that we’re here to support you over the coming months.

Download a PDF of the letter here.

Nick Allen

Nick Allen, CEO British Meat Processors Association

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Nick is CEO of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) which is the leading trade association in the meat and meat product industry.


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