British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association
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New brand & website to showcase why ‘Origin Matters’ when buying meat

A new brand and website explains why British meat should be the simple first choice for consumers: because it has sustainability, high standards and support for British farming built-in.

Because Origin Matters.

We want this website to become the rallying point for everyone involved in producing British meat and all those involved in the scientific and technological innovation that is helping us to better understand and improve the quality, traceability and eco-friendliness of our food production.

Answering consumer concerns

Consumers, wherever they are in the world, are increasingly concerned about the safety, standards and sustainability of the food they eat. They want to know that, whatever diet they choose to follow, their food will be safe and nourishing, but not at the expense of the planet. British meat has a built-in promise that these concerns have been addressed.

Sorting the fact from the fiction

Nick Allen, CEO of the British Meat Processors Association highlights the fact that: “Most people rely on information in the media to help them make their diet and lifestyle choices. But not all that information is correct. In fact, some of it is quite misleading.

“It’s become very difficult to navigate the confusing and often contradictory opinions, pseudo-science and genuine science in the media that are currently shaping ordinary people’s choices about what they should and shouldn’t be eating.”

Mr Allen says that the solution is to enable people to make properly informed decisions by offering clear, unambiguous information to drive the debate. He says: “If we want to make meaningful changes to how we live and what we eat in order to help the planet, then we need to base our decisions on information that is accurate and specific to our situation here in the UK.”

Origin matters for the environment

Livestock is responsible for just 5.7% of methane emissions in the UK, which is much lower than the average global figure of 14% that most often gets quoted in the media but which includes environmentally un-friendly farming systems in countries like Brazil.
Giving up eating British meat will be of much less environmental benefit than giving up eating Brazilian meat. And, substituting British meat for a more environmentally damaging processed plant-based alternative could mean that concerned consumers inadvertently create the opposite effect to the one they intended.

Origin matters for consumers

Britain produces meat to some of the highest food and animal welfare standards and with the lowest environmental footprint on the planet. We do it better than most other countries.

Consumers around the world are increasingly willing to pay a premium for this. So, we also want to use this new Sustainable British Meat website as a platform to help promote British produce, not just here in the UK but to all our current and future trading partners around the world.


About BMPA

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) is the leading trade association for the meat and meat products industry in the UK.


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We're delighted that BMPA’s Technical Policy Manager, Anna Proffitt, is one of the nominees in the Trade Body category. She represents the progressive future of our industry and is helping to shape our thinking on the big issues facing the sector like climate change and plastics This is a great new website we have come across with lots of clear #britishmeat messages about British meat farming practises and sustainability #sustainablefarming #sustainableagriculture #beef #lamb #sheep365 #grassfed #carbonfarming 🐏🐏🐑🐃🐂🌍

Carbon neutral beef and sheep production. How is that possible? @WelshLamb_PGI #sheep365 #Sustainability #sustainablefarming