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British Meat Processors Association
British Meat Processors Association

Food Integrity 2020: Building transparency and trust

New Food’s successful Food Fraud event evolves for 2020 into Food Integrity, hosted at Twickenham stadium, London on 18-19 March.

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‘Integrity’ is the “quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change”, according to the Cambridge Dictionary. It is an admirable trait and much desired – and expected – from the food and beverage supply chain. New Food recognises the importance of integrity and it is only through discussion and working together that we can create a global supply chain that meets such standards. 

As such, our successful Food Fraud event has evolved for 2020; Food Integrity will see over 450 food and beverage leaders coming together from across the world. The two-day event will explore the crucial challenges the industry is facing, with experts sharing and debating the biggest issues, and offering their experience and solutions.

The conference combines practical panel discussions, case studies and plenary sessions, providing delegates the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gain insight.

Food safety advocate Professor Chris Elliott will once again be chairing the conference, and will be joined with familiar and fresh faces alike.

“Even defining what food integrity really means is a topic worthy of discussion and debate,” Elliott said. “My own definition is as follows: ‘When all people, at all times, have access to food that is safe, authentic and nutritious. The systems used to produce the food are sustainable, ethical, respect the environment and protect the human rights of all workers’.

“The discussions and debate will be lively, if not a little heated, at our conference…and that is the way I like it! So why not register today to join the most important food conference of the year?”

To discover more information about Food Integrity 2020, download the full programme, enquire about sponsorship opportunities and to book your place, visit the event website.

Expert industry speakers

2020 will see 85 percent new speakers from across the world, with more than 40 already confirmed. Highlighted speakers include:

  • Nick Cornwell, Head of Technical, Delicious Foods, Co-Op
  • Yves Rey, Group General Manager, Quality, Danone
  • Konstantina Karagkika, Central Technical Team Leader, innocent drinks
  • Julie Pierce, Head of Openness, Digital and Data, FSA
  • Heather Mills, Owner, VBites Group
  • Franz Ulberth, Head of Unit, European Commission – Joint Research Centre
  • Andrew Walker, Founder, TEA REX
  • Paul Isherwood, Head of Technical and Quality, The SHS Drinks Division
  • Gary McMahon, Company Microbiologist, Moy Park
  • Nemanja Vukanic, Head of Technical and Quality, ITSU
  • Debbie Barnes, Head of Technology – Ambient Foods & Nutrition, Marks and Spencer
  • Jaclyn Bowen, Executive Director, Clean Label Project
  • Melinda Edwards, Global Packaging Material and Vendor Quality Assurance Expert, Barry Callebaut Group
  • Dr Caitlin Boon, Associate Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, FDA
  • Benjamin Diep, Food Safety Microbiologist, Nestle
  • Andy Richardson, Head of Corporate Affairs, Volac and Chair Welsh Food and Drink Board
  • Arun Chauhan, Specialist Fraud Lawyer and Founder, Tenet Compliance and Litigation
  • Liz Colebrook, Global SRA Director, Food Safety, Mars.

About BMPA

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) is the leading trade association for the meat and meat products industry in the UK.


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