12, Apr 2024

Can AI deliver a step change for UK meat and livestock production?

In recent years AI technologies have begun to appear in ...


11, Jan 2024

If you’re not at COP to tell your story, others will do it for you

Following the lengthy and somewhat challenging application process (which can ...

meat footprint

19, Oct 2023

Misinformation: The lies, damned lies and statistics behind dietary advice

There is a long history of misinformation regarding the environmental ...

25, Aug 2023

Unpicking the NOVA ultra-processed foods classification

The most widely used classification for processed food in current ...

Green fields in the English countryside

08, Aug 2023

A review of how global warming is measured

In June 2018 a research paper by Dr Myles R ...

Man studying meat labelling

21, Apr 2023

Mandatory UK eco-labelling is getting closer

Eco labelling of consumer products has been used for non-food ...

Cows in a field

15, Jun 2022

Lucas Daglish introduces BMPA’s sustainability agenda

My name is Lucas Daglish and I have the privilege ...