Map of Europe with the UK separating

11, May 2021

Post Brexit meat export system threatens permanent loss of trade with the EU and Northern Ireland

Dismissing trade disruption at the borders as simply short term ...

clothing label saying one size fits none

15, Apr 2021

Are we having the right debate about AHDB?

After the recent debacle over the vote on the AHDB ...

tractor ploughing a field

23, Oct 2020

How can we develop an agriculture and trade policy without a food strategy in place?

In recent months I have attended a huge number of ...

Liz Truss MP

06, May 2020

BMPA writes to Secretary of State for Trade asking for removal of punitive pork export tariffs

The British Meat Processors Association has written this week to ...

cattle in a field

07, Apr 2020

How covid-19 is affecting livestock prices

At the height of the recent coronavirus panic buying, Kantar ...

George Eustice MP

27, Mar 2020

Government salutes the ‘hidden heroes’ of the food industry

We have received a letter today from The Rt Hon. ...

Shopping trolley with items in it

28, Feb 2020

Climate change doesn’t have to mean diet change

We need to rethink what we know about meat and ...

Beef cattle

03, Sep 2019

The truth behind UK beef prices – do we have an unsustainable supply chain?

There has been much talk recently about low farmgate beef ...

10 Downing Street

03, Jun 2019

Politicians are too far removed from business reality

Throughout the Brexit negotiations I have been stunned at the ...

Vegetarian counter in a shop

05, Apr 2019

How should the meat industry respond to the anti-meat debate?

The following article was written by Nick Allen, Chief Executive Officer ...

Sheep on a hillside

03, Apr 2019

Effect of no-deal Brexit on the sheep sector

The following article was written by Nick Allen, Chief Executive Officer ...

avocados on toast

07, Feb 2019

Is meat facing an existential threat from the vegan movement?

If we thought that 2018 was bad for attacks on ...